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"As your School Board representative, I pledge to work closely with our entire community of educators, parents, and students to support Iredell-Statesville Schools' vision to 'ensure every child's success by igniting a passion for learning.' Every day, I'll bring my expertise, imagination, integrity, and energy to make this a reality for every student."

Uniting All 
Public School

Together we will ensure equitable access to educational opportunities for all I-SS students

Hello, I'm Billie.

I'm running for School Board because I believe my skills, passion, creative thinking, and female voice are assets to I-SS that will help us thrive.

I'm an engaged I-SS parent and PTSO Chair at The Brawley School who regularly volunteers in our schools and classrooms. Professionally, I'm a strategist and researcher who juggles parenting with being a small business owner. I’ve worked with hundreds of nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and enterprises facilitating conversations to understand people's needs, frustrations and expectations. Translating what I hear into innovative and actionable ideas and messages that solve problems and inspire engagement.


While in the community, here are the issues that I've heard and they are my priorities too. 

Be a bridge to engage our parents through outreach, transparency, listening, and effective communication

Reimagine education to focus on the whole child; measuring success and ability beyond standardized test scores

Foster students' love of learning while building life skills and confidence

Tackle funding and resource shortfalls through Board support in grant writing and innovative thinking

Align our school calendar to minimize learning gaps and take advantage of all our educational resources

​Increase teacher retention by improving working conditions to be competitive with neighboring districts


Expand programming and access to Pre-K early-learner programs for all families

Advocate with parents for school programs that fit our kids' unique needs like IBO, Language Immersion, STEM, CATS, Early College, ASEC, CCTL, afterschool enrichment, and athletics

Improve student wellness through a safe and nurturing learning environment free of bullying and discrimination

Attract families and businesses to our  community through education excellence

And yes, I realize that what I'm advocating for takes funding. Today, a significant portion of our I-SS funding comes from grants and community support. As a businesswoman and community volunteer, I have experience and success in this area. As an engaged School Board, it's our responsibility to roll up our sleeves and work with the Superintendent and staff to find creative ways to support these initiatives.

If you are a District 5 registered voter, I'm asking for your help.

Billie is running as an unaffiliated candidate. 
Because the only affiliation that a school board member should have next to his or her name is that he or she is pro-public education.

As an unaffiliated candidate, Billie needs 633 signatures by petition to get her name on the November ballot. Candidates who are registered unaffiliated and not registered as a member of one of the two major parties must do that to get on the ballot. 

Not sure if you're in I-SS District 5? 

Thanks for submitting!

Let's get Billie on the ballot. Please contact the campaign to add your signature and support.*

*Signature needs to be collected in person. The campaign will reach out to you to make arrangements to get your signature. If you'd like to help gather signatures in your neighborhood or organization, please let us know.

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